Monday, May 23, 2011

Postcards from the Journey - Day Eight

30 YEARS!!!
EVERYONE MUST DO THE HAPPY DANCE!!!!  Stop what you are doing, get up right where you are and dance!!!  Swing your hips and throw your arms up in the air!

You are some CRAZY people!!  

On day eight we moved for a night from Brooklyn to the Time Square Marriott.  Why?  Because that was where we were going to stay 5 years ago.

We started the day by catching something to eat a Jewish deli we found around the corner from the B&B.

 Then jumped across to Battery Park again.  There's more there than the Statue of Liberty??  Who knew?

 A memorial commemorating the immigrants from every part of the world welcomed to our shores by Lady Liberty.

 A memorial for the Merchant Marines.

 And a close up.

 A memorial to those who served in the Korean War .

And the remnants of a sculpture that once stood before the World Trade Center, that perhaps most eloquently spoke of the pointlessness of war.

 Kind of sober for an anniversary celebration?  Perhaps, but I'm so glad we didn't miss it.  Our time there on day seven had felt rushed, and we left this time feeling as if we had given this site the time it deserved.

We went to the hotel at Lexington and 48th and checked in.  I had hoped to go to Delmonico's for our anniversary, but found that they close on Sunday.  We couldn't decide where we wanted to go.  There are soooo many choices.  We finally decided to do Delmonico's the next day and something simpler tonight.

We decided to take a stroll and see where we wound up.  It was overcast, but otherwise beautiful evening.  We walked for several blocks waiting for something to jump out at us.  Then I remembered a place Pamela had mentioned wanting to go - Serendipity 3.  It was close to us but about as far from the usual anniversary restaurant place as possible.  Pam thought it was a great idea.  I love that about her!  She's just in it to have fun, and boy did we.

Burgers and fries and a butterscotch sundae - Shepherd's pie and a cappuccino - a celebration to remember!

Here's to 30 more!

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