Monday, May 9, 2011

Postcards from the Journey - Day One

Guess where we be?!

Five years after we orinally planned our anniversary trip to New York, we're finally on our way. 

Our first stop was at our favorite resturant in Baton Roge, "Boutin's" (pronounced BOO-TAN).  Pam and I first found this place several years ago when we were on a trip to Atlanta.  On that trip we pulled in late to Red Stick, weary to the bone and hungry enough to eat a horse.  We found a cheap motel and asked the guy at the front desk if he could recommend somewhere to eat.  He directed us to a place he said was "fun."

When we got there I wasn't too sure.  A Zydeco band was playing to a packed house of dancing, singing, and eating Cajuns.  But at a Cajun party everyone is welcome and there is always room for one more.  The hostess found us a table on the porch, which wasn't far from the dance floor.  The mood was infectious, the music was infectious, the fun was infectious.  Pam ordered the boiled crawfish and when they came a colorful local gave us a lesson on the proper way to suck a little tail.

It was an evening we will never forget,and because of that we always try to stop at Boutin's if we are traveling this way.  It's always been good, but we haven't seen a crowd like that first evening.

Today we arrived at 2:00 PM on Mother's Day, and the place was jumping.  No band, but the Zydeco was pumped in through the sound system.  Huge tables of families were everywhere.  And the little kids were jumping and dancing all over the stage and dance floor.

It was almost as much fun as our first experience of Boutin's. 

For those of you from New Mexico, it reminds us of our old friend, The Golden Inn.  Just replace the bikers with Cajuns.  What do you think?!

Pam caught this little guy off the restaurant's back porch.  I think we'll pass if tomorrow's soup du jour is turtle soup!

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