Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postcards from the Journey - Day Eleven

It’s been an amazing trip … God has been incredibly good.   

We woke up this morning and leisurely packed – were out of the house by Mike’s “want” time & a quick note of thanks to “Eva,” the keeper of the house.  

We're both sad to leave.  It’s been a grand experience.

We headed back into town to catch another play before leaving town.  Of course, it is lunchtime and rush hour traffic in Manhattan – and we get ANOTHER ticket for turning left “at the wrong time of day!”  Good grief!     

We decided to skip the Gift Shop at St. Pat’s & head straight for the theater parking garage, only to find out that Wednesdays are the ripoff price of $45 instead of the $30 posted yesterday!  The first attempt at parking, the man was a (bleep), ditto the second.  The third only took cash, of which we had none, but then we found a jewel of a parking lot owner, his name was Jimmy, who only charged us $27 in his secured lot – I wanted to give the first two a piece of my mind but again God intervened, “Instead of cursing the first two, bless the last one!”   

Sound almost like a Parable, no?!   

Before the show we had a fabulous “prix fare” lunch at “Glass House Tavern” of tomatoes & mozzarella salad, lamb Bolognese, and chocolate cake.  Even the Iced Tea was great – made with soda water (!), a reminder of those canned ice tea days in my Youth Conservation Corps canteen!  Mike had a regular ‘ol hamburger and a “Blue Moon” for the trip home.  

We then saw Frances McDormand in “Good People” at the Samuel Friedman Theater.  She was amazing - the play is written so well - and the rest of the cast was great.  It seemed full circle when Frances won the Tony a couple of months later.   

After the show, we sadly, but gratefully departed NYC, stopping for awhile on the Jersey shore and taking another series of pictures of Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan shoreline and also a statue dedicated to the rescue from the concentration camps at the end of WWII.  New Jersey has built a very nice park that had almost no one there when we visited.  Actually New Jersey owns half of Ellis Island, but all they get to see of Lady Liberty is her backside.  

The boardwalk and view of the Manhattan skyline.

It was an incredible parting view and we didn't want to leave.

Bye, New York!  Hope to see you again!

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