Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postcards from the Journey - Day Thirteen

So … 
going home …

We spent a long and windy day driving through the B-E-A-U-TI-F-U-L hills and mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky from Morgantown (we even played Joni Mitchell’s song - Morning Comes to Morgantown).   

We picked up fixings for a picnic lunch and ate at the Kentucky Welcome Center.

But the windy mountain roads and the wind made Pam a bit oogy and that made her a bit cranky.

Pam really wanted to stop early and stay at the Fairfield Marriott Inn in Bowling Green, KY, but Mike wanted to push on to Nashville.  We pushed on but both wish we hadn't.

As we got to Nashville via I-65 going west to I-40, we only saw one hotel, Hampton Inn – surely there’s more!  But no, there’s not.  

By now we're both tired and pissed and hungry as hell.  Pam suggested we turn on Loop 840.  We tried that, but about an hour into the drive – with no hotel in sight – on the corner of “boontown” and “nowhere,” we were both frustrated and ready to strangle one another.  
We pulled off the road to clear our heads.  We prayed and decided to backtrack and hope for the best.  Sure enough, not even a mile from where we turned down 840 was everything we wanted – Arby’s and a Hampton Inn and headed in the right direction.

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming!

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